My daily scenario with the invoicing software

So I have been using this invoicing software for a while and find it really awesome for my small business. Mainly because it's very easy and simple, so creating my invoices doesn't take too much time. And the price is very good too. My business is a growing one (at least I hope so), so right now I can't really afford some heavy additional costs - like some bookkeeping software or courses for some other invoicing software. I wanted to write a simple review or work flow and show how simple I do my invoicing with this solution.

In my invoicing software I have the list with my items. In my case those are digital goods that I sell on my page. Mostly they remain the same in a period of month or more. So I can say, that new items are being added pretty rare. Sometimes I change prices corresponding to the market and that's all. When adding a new item I can define the name of it, a description, units, taxes and price. Not a lot options here, but still more than enough in my case.

Then there is the list with my customers. The list is changing on a daily basis. Of course there are some persistent clients, but in my business mostly there are new ones and mostly individual ones (rare the customer is a company). Adding a new customer means to fill in all data about him, which I receive from my e-shop sell form. Not really much to review about this.

When those two options are set up I'm ready for the invoicing screen. Here I can choose my item, a customer (if one is not present, I can set up from a short-cut). Here I can set up basically everything that I want to appear on my invoice, so not much to review about again. And that's all – I'm ready to print or send it out by email.

After that, when I receive a payment, I record it to the corresponding invoice and the status changes to “Paid” and in my case is left for archive in a safe place.

So that's basically the typical scenario of my everyday work with the invoicing software. And I will not add much to it. I hope you got some insights from this and you are free to leave any comments or questions.


7 Aug 2012